About Us

Creative Blueprint started life as Turcotte Data & Designs, a computer support and website design business located in Easthampton, Massachusetts and specialized in providing business-to-business computer, information technology, and design services and support to the Western and Central Massachusetts area.

As the years passed, Jason Turcotte, the founder of Turcotte Data & Design narrowed the focus of his business to solely website design and development. When he decided to change the focus, it seemed natural to change the name to reflect the new direction of the business. That's when Creative Blueprint was born!

The name Creative Blueprint means several things to Jason. Not only does he feel that his business can provide the blueprints to being successful online with a website, shopping cart or even a learning management system but all other aspects of business that can help you be successful. This could include social media presence management or even traditional business strategy coaching and networking.

Creative Blueprint also has a couple other meanings that pretty much led Jason to realize it was the right name for a business he had operated as Turcotte Data & Design for nearly 10 years.

The very first technology related job Jason had was converting hand-drawn blueprints to a new (at the time) technology called CAD or Computer Aided Design.

The other reason that Creative Blueprint stuck is that Jason's father has been a carpenter all his life. It was his father that first showed Jason what a blueprint even was. There is no doubt that there is a part of the name that is there to honor Jason's father, someone who has read and created blueprints his entire adult life.

Jason Turcotte

Jason leverages over 25 years of experience in the information technology field to help his clients be as successful as possible. Before heading Creative Blueprint, Jason served as the Director of Technical Support for an industry leading public safety software company with over 600 customers nationwide. He has an intense passion to help other succeed and applies that passion to each of the clients he works with.

We can assist business or municipality with website design and development to showcase your business, build your client base, sell your products online or train your clients or employees. All with websites that you can maintain yourself. Easily.

We welcome you to contact us with any questions you may have.