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Jason Turcotte Speaks About Website Design and BNI in Western Massachusetts

  • jason turcotte
  • November 14, 2013

Our fearless leader, Jason Turcotte, recently had the opportunity to appear on a Western Massachusetts radion show called The Engine. The Engine is an entrepreneurship and personal finance radio program airing Saturday mornings on WHYN NewsTalk 560 at 10 AM (EST). Each week, hosts and Junior Achievement Board members, Thom Fox and Nunzio Bruno, of the BrunoFox Group, an economic development consultancy, and Junior Achievement Correspondent Mychal Connolly, cofounder of, brings listeners insights and interviews from America’s top entrepreneurs and financial professionals.

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Is There Such A Thing As Low-Value Networking?

  • jason turcotte
  • July 13, 2013

I recently wrote an article called “When Is Free Not Free?” and in it I discussed a few free or low-cost methods people use for advertising their businesses… and why that’s not always a great strategy.

After writing that article I realized that a lot of times people take the same route when it comes to business networking. Now before I go on about this let me clearly state that there is nothing wrong with “free” or “low cost” networking. What I want to talk about is “low value” networking.

When I refer to free or low cost networking, these are things like Chamber of Commerce business card exchanges or breakfasts, club meetings, trade shows and other events where there is either no cost to attend or a very low cost to attend. These are great places to meet and network with other businesspeople!

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Jason Turcotte Named Director of the Year for BNI Western Massachusetts

  • jason turcotte
  • January 22, 2013

HOLYOKE — Jason Turcotte, owner of Turcotte Data & Design, a website design and development business in Ware, was named the 2012 Director of the Year for Business Networking International (BNI) Western Massachusetts at the organization’s annual banquet held Jan. 17 at the Delaney House.

Turcotte served as a Director Consultant for the business networking group for two years, until mid-2012, helping 250 members in 11 chapters in the region by sharing stories of his experience, education and success with the organization. Previously, Turcotte also served as a BNI Ambassador for one year.

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