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Why Business Networking Is Like Search Engine Optimization

  • jason turcotte
  • December 15, 2012

You may wonder how these two things would even be connected. After all, search engine optimization deals with getting your website the highest possible ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. How does that relate to business networking, where if you're doing it right, leads to referrals.

I was recently reading an article by Paul Boag, a noted website design expert, about what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not. It is not a magic pill you can take and suddenly you have the best website ever. Well, let me re-phrase that... you could have the best ranking website for a short while, but the results won't last for long! This is something we've been telling our clients for years.

You see, when you dump a bunch of energy, time and potential money into SEO you will see some results, most likely. But these results will also most likely be short-lived. Just as if you join a gym and go 3-4 times a week, you will get more fit. Most however, stop going to the gym (25-45% quit in the first few weeks). The same can be said for SEO and business networking.

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When Is Free Not Free?

  • jason turcotte
  • June 3, 2012

People love free things... love them! I know I enjoy getting things for free and am willing to bet that you do as well. However, when it comes to business, free is not always the best option.

While "free" may sound good to your expense accounts and financial bottom line, it may actually be hurting it.

Take just a moment to think about what you feel when you are offered something for free... not the "Awesome, I just got something for free!" feeling, but the "Hmmm... I wonder why this was free?" feeling. Do you want people having that feeling about your business?

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Do-It-Yourself Photography for Websites

  • jason turcotte
  • June 2, 2012

From guest-blogger, Tani Dugger...

When Turcotte Data & Design asked me to help them out by writing an article about how to "do-it-yourself" when taking photos for his client's websites I was happy to, knowing that not everyone can afford professional photography services. Even if you can't afford to hire a photographer for a day or two of shooting your products or staff, there are some things you can do to get the best pictures possible when doing it yourself.

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