Jason Turcotte Speaks About Website Design and BNI in Western Massachusetts

  • jason turcotte
  • November 14, 2013

Our fearless leader, Jason Turcotte, recently had the opportunity to appear on a Western Massachusetts radion show called The Engine. The Engine is an entrepreneurship and personal finance radio program airing Saturday mornings on WHYN NewsTalk 560 at 10 AM (EST). Each week, hosts and Junior Achievement Board members, Thom Fox and Nunzio Bruno, of the BrunoFox Group, an economic development consultancy, and Junior Achievement Correspondent Mychal Connolly, cofounder of StinkyCakes.com, brings listeners insights and interviews from America’s top entrepreneurs and financial professionals.

While on the show, Jason spoke about his website design business and some of the recent projects they've done as well as his involvement with BNI Western Massachusetts... and how the two are closely related.

Please take a few moments and head on over and listen to the radio interview!