Wix, WordPress and other free website design tools…

  • jason turcotte
  • April 22, 2015

I was talking to a business associate the other day, discussing how we could do some business together and he asked me a great question.

"What's your biggest challenge?"

As someone that has been involved with BNI for nearly 10 years, I was prepared for this question. In fact, as the Managing Director for BNI in Western Mass, I help BNI members prepare for this very question all the time.

So what was my answer?

"My biggest challenge these days is educating people why free website design tools like Wix, Weebly or WordPress isn't necessarily the best choice."

We live in a great time of amazing technology. We have all sorts of free or very low-cost tools at our disposal to do just about anything. Just consider the fact that most of us walk around with a computer in our pocket, every day. Those mobile phones we have are exponentially more power than the first comptuers and allow us to do almost anything from anywhere. That's amazing!

However, giving someone the power to do something doesn't mean that they are automatically an expert at it.

If someone gives me the ability to perform surgery that doesn't make me a surgeon. This is actually a joke I make with my friends quite often... "Give me a scalpel and Google and I could perform surgery!" I could probably do it, but I'm not liking the odds of the patient.

Did I just compare website design to surgery? Yup, I did. The point I'm making is that website design is a learned skill and goes far beyond just creating a website. There's content strategy, call-to-action techniques, search engine optimization and all sorts of things that a professional website designer keeps in mind when performing their trade. We also know how to handle things when "the going gets rough". Just like a surgeon. When that patient starts to have problems on the operating room table, the surgeon knows what to do.

When your website doesn't perform well or the server goes down or the website gets hacked, a professional website designer knows what to do. I know at least one company here in Western Massachusetts that has changed their domain name at least three times becuase they were hacked and lost control of their domain name, the domain name expired and at least one other "who knows" reason! They also manage their website themselves.

So my biggest challenge, and one I love, is educating businesses on why they should work with a professional website designer. We offer much more than a "magic pencil" that makes your vision become reality. We offer experience to go along with that. We have your back.